Client Reviews

You are the reason I believe in humanity, in justice, in the good of all things.”"

— Mika

You are the reason I believe in humanity, in justice, in the good of all things. People do not address their lawyers this way, but you are not just my lawyer.

I came to you in a state of deep despair. “Tell me what happened,” you said—and meant it. The consultation was scheduled for an hour; you listened to me for two. You leaned into my story, and at the end, simply said, “I’ll represent you.” As I came to know you, I realized that you took this case because it was the right thing to do. Whether I won or lost, you knew this lawsuit would give me voice.

From that moment, I never worried. It was clear that I was fighting unfathomably forces, but I had you by my side. I had no doubt that I was in the best of hands. When I say, I never worried, it is not an exaggeration. I never once worried. I want to say it again: I never once worried. Not once.

To have an ally like this is a remarkable feeling. It wasn’t just that you supported me. You affirmed the core of me—you knew what drove me because it is what drives you too. You want—as I want—to make a better world.
We did it too.

Together, we subverted a system which prioritizes power and greed. We refused to play by the rules of patriarchy and capitalism because both have caused nothing but destruction and despair. Instead, we prioritized showing up for each other and protecting children. We played by our rules, and won—because it’s 2018 and it’s time for the world to be more just.

The chance to work with you has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and I cannot thank you enough.