You are the reason I believe in humanity, in justice, in the good of all things.”"

— Mika

"You are the reason I believe in humanity, in justice, in the good of all things. People do not address their lawyers this way, but you are not just my lawyer. I came to you in a state of deep despair. “Tell me what happened,” you said—and meant it. The consultation was scheduled for an hour; you listened to me for two. You leaned into my story, and at the end, simply said, “I’ll..." Continue Reading

Taking a stand against racism is not easy and when you do so make sure that you have an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate attorney to represent you."

— Gay

"I am grateful to have discovered Attorney Julie Gafkay to represent my Civil Rights Case. I learned of Attorney Gafkay while researching the experiences of Black healthcare professionals who had experienced what I call, “patient initiated - employer sponsored race bias.” The most prominent case that Julie has represented to date is the Battle vs. Hurley case in which she represented Tonya..." Continue Reading

Acknowledgement by Client

Mary Dell (Cooper) Henderson-White in her book, Breathe Child Breathe: Voices from the Graves, writes about her descendants enslaved in Mississippi. In her Acknowledgments in the book, she wrote: “And finally to Julie A. Gafkay, PLC, who stood by my side when I needed someone to help me regain my self-dignity; find hope again and restore me to the person whom God had made me to be in the first place.” Gafkay Law represented Mary Henderson-White in a race discrimination case.