Client Reviews

Ms. Gafkay was compassionate, understanding & tenacious in fact finding to obtain the result desired for my case. I highly recommend her.

Ms. Gafkay did a great job kept me informed throughout the whole process.

Having 2 prior experiences with the services of attorneys I have some knowledge of professionalism regarding legal services. I would rate the overall experience and advice provided by Ms. Gafkay as excellent. She was probably the best attorney I have used in regards to making personal contact with me when I needed answers to questions and also keeping me informed as to what the status was in my case. She seemed to be genuinely concerned about me. I also felt that she was assertive but not overly aggressive. Ms. Gafkay seemed to know what was the appropriate course of action to take and the tenor of attitude to apply. The bottom line is, I would definitely use her services again and would highly recommend her to others.

Julie Gafkay is one of the most well-respected lawyers in the business. She is a downstate attorney who also serves the legal needs of clients in northeast Michigan, equally giving her time and dedication to each and every individual case. She will personally take the time to go over with you any and all information, explaining in depth so each can understand the situation entirely. Her knowledge, skills, and credentials are very impressive, making her no stranger in going against large law firms. She is respectfully trusted and will guide you in the best direction to receive the best outcome of your case. Julie will always keep you informed with timely responses and will always go the extra mile working with you through the roughest times. She stands up for her clients to get a fair representation through the courts. However, most of all she is very personable, has a very good sense of humor, and is not just another attorney. I find her to stick out from the rest and one that will not just blow you off.

Julie will treat all parties involved in a very professional factual manner. I have worked with Julie on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with her diligence and concern. I am recommending Julie based on her skill in both the courtroom as well as out of the courtroom.



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