Trust & Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, administering a love one’s estate can often lead to disputes and litigation. There can be questions regarding the validity of a will or trust, or questions regarding whether the decedent was coerced into signing a will or distributing assets prior to his or her death. There can also be questions regarding whether an estate is being properly administered. Concerns can arise that a personal representative or trustee is using estate or trust funds for their own expenses, or hiding assets for their own benefits.

In these circumstances, it is essential to act quickly and obtain qualified legal advice. Once assets have been wasted or distributed, it is extremely difficult to recover those assets and get them back into the estate. During the probate or trust administration process, all beneficiaries should receive a detailed inventory of assets and estate accountings. If you believe that these documents do not reflect the true value of the estate, or demonstrate a misuse of estate assets, you must act quickly to protect your rights. Sometimes the issues are simply a misunderstanding about the extent of the assets of the decedent, or are a simple error, and can be quickly resolved. Other times, however, legal action is required to enforce the terms of the will, remove the personal representative, or require court supervision of the probate process.

Whether you are defending against claims that you have not administered an estate properly, or you are a beneficiary who wishes to challenge an estate administration, our attorneys can provide you with representation. During the probate process, there are strict time limits to raise objections to proceedings, therefore, if you have concerns about the administration of an estate, you should seek legal counsel promptly to ensure that your concerns are addressed. Oftentimes, disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation. However, if litigation is necessary, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can fight for you.



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