Estate Planning

Estate Planning is more than just distributing your assets after your death. Comprehensive Estate Planning also involves crafting a plan to ensure that you are cared for during your lifetime if you are no longer able to care for yourself. Estate Planning also can include strategies to avoid estate taxes, planning to avoid the probate process after death, and anticipating the need for long-term care. Every family and their circumstances are different; proper estate planning should recognize that your estate plan should be tailored to your needs.

Our qualified attorneys will meet with you to discuss your circumstances and your estate planning goals. During this comprehensive meeting, the attorney will discuss not only your wishes for distributing your estate after your death, but also techniques to ensure that you are properly cared for during your life time. Estate planning recommendations may include both medical and financial powers of attorney, a will, various types of trusts, deeds for real estate, beneficiary designations, or a combination of these tools. We will also discuss any steps which need to be taken to make sure that your estate planning goals are carried out properly. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a quality estate plan that fits your needs.

For example, a married couple with young children will naturally have concerns regarding how those children will be cared for if something happens to them. An estate plan for this couple may include a will with a testamentary trust, which would name a guardian and conservator for their children, and which could hold assets in trust for their minor children until they reach the age of 18 (or older).

A single man, with no children, has different estate planning concerns, which could include leaving his estate to a family member, or even a friend. And an individual or family with significant assets must be aware of estate tax considerations, and a more complex estate plan utilizing a trust or trusts may be more suited to their needs. In every instance, if there is no estate plan in place, Michigan law will determine who inherits your assets, and that may not reflect your wishes. Regardless of the size of your estate, a proper estate plan is a must.

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