Business Law

Whether you are starting a new business or need assistance operating an existing business, the attorneys at Gafkay Law, PLC, can help you navigate the maze of regulations which impact small businesses. Whether the task is drafting documents which govern the management of your business, such as articles of incorporation or bylaws, or assisting with the various laws that employers must comply with, we can help. Our attorneys are familiar with wage and hour laws, employment discrimination laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other employment laws which can trap unwitting employers. From employee handbooks to discipline and discharge, from starting a business to winding down a business, we can help. We are also familiar with the special rules governing nonprofit organizations and can help you set up your charitable organization.

For example, our attorneys can assist you in choosing the right legal entity for your business and meeting all of the requirements to establish your business. Once your business has been established, we can guide you through the employment process, including application and hiring decisions. Even for a small employer, an employee handbook which outlines your business’ rules and expectations can help to avoid any employment disputes. We will also keep you on track with all of your legal record-keeping requirements, such as annual meetings and any required filings with the State of Michigan. When legal questions arise, we are here to get you an answer.

Contact our office and schedule an appointment to discuss your business needs and how our attorneys can help.



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